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This Monday: “The Prepping Academy”  8/21/17

The Prepping Academy is back!

This week the Prepping Academy is back after a long and crazy Summer of Change. Change happens! The Prepping Academy has moved from Friday nights to 9 PM on Monday nights.

On this episode of The Prepping Academy we will discuss our crazy summer and all the changes that have taken place. Why did we move to a new night? Will Kyle be back? Will we continue with “the conspiracy theory of the week”? What’s in the future for The Prepping Academy? Well join us on Monday night to find out.

We will also discuss the Carolina Preppers Network stats. One year ago The Carolina Preppers Network had 1,800 members meeting in 7 cities in the Carolinas. Now one year later CPN has over 4,400 members and meeting in 13 cities. CPN has released an emergency communication app to provide real-time news alerts to members in a particular city or to all CPN members. CPN has also created a weekly CPN Preparedness 80-meter E-Comm NET every Tuesday night at 9PM. The Frequency the net will be on will depend on many variables and may change Start at 3.818, nothing heard go to 3.828, then 3.838, then 3.848, etc.. You can use your Short Wave radio to listen in. CPN is also rolling out a weekly CPN Preparedness 2M E-Comm NET in each of the 13 cities. This is taking time and lots of planning.

We will finish up with CPN’s annual meeting. This years meeting will take place during Prepper Camp in Saluda, NC on Friday, September 15, 2017 at 7PM. This is a MANDATORY attendance yearly CPN meeting. You do NOT need to be registered and attending Prepper Camp. CPN Comms will be on FRS Channel 03 if you need info when you get there. Visit our web site at


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Prepping Academy Radio Show is a live broadcast where we discuss all things prepping, survival and self-reliance. Our Goal at The Prepping Academy Radio Show is to expand your thinking & motivate you to take action – because it’s time that we get prepared.

The central focus of our online academy is a set of guided courses that takes you from a state of being totally unprepared to the the ultimate goal of not having to depend on any store, any government, or any grid. The Prepping Academy is built upon core prepping principles. Through the academy you will learn how to adapt the training we provide to your unique situation. Visit us at

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