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This Friday: “The Prepping Academy”  3/31/17

Interactive Fun Prepper Night with “Conflicted”

Coming up this week on “The Prepping  Academy” join host Forrest and Kyle for a little it of interactive fun. We’ll be taking a small break from all the regular programming to dig deeper in to the minds of the host by playing a little “Conflicted.

If you’ve never heard of “Conflicted” it is a card game with a variety of emergency and Prepping scenarios. The objective of the game is to stimulate in depth conversations with family, friends, and potential members of a MAG group. Everyone listening is encouraged to join in on the chat room to contribute. Callers also encouraged.

This game is highly recommend for any level of Prepper. It will help you understand your personal morals and standards. It may also show you where you draw the line between the will to live and morality. Some people wouldn’t even go as far as eating their own household pet to survive. On the other hand some may look at their neighbors as food…… When it comes to establishing leadership this could be a useful tool to see who comes out as the most fit. Though it may also be a tool for separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak. There are plenty of people who may just shut down under the pressure. So far better to ask these questions now than to face them down the road and be sorely disappointed.

In addition to being fun and a screening tool, this can also be helpful for visualization. Setting your mind for a variety of scenarios may save your life down the road. Hesitation should almost be always avoided. So by all means, ask yourself these questions and visualize the results.

This week’s conspiracy theory with Kyle is something 99.999% of you have in your home, use twice a day, and have no idea what it’s really doing to your body. That’s right, you’re harming yourself daily because of propaganda and you may not even realize it! So tune in to find out what it is and what you can do about it.

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