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This Friday: “The Prepping Academy”  12/2/2016

Buy your prepping supplies with your IRA and 401K.

12-2-16-img_0593-00000002Welcome to “The Prepping Academy.” This week’s upcoming show for Friday December 2nd, 2016 Forrest and Kyle will be having guest Ross Powell on the show. Ross operates Survival 401k and will be with us to discuss the condition of the economy and how you can use your IRA and 401k to invest in your future as well as your survival.

12-2-16-self-directedThe first part of the hour our host will be covering the conspiracy theory of the week. We will warn you up front this is not a conspiracy for the faint of heart. Recent discoveries from this the Podesta Wikileaks’s emails have unveiled a new scandal, “Pizza Gate.” According to investigators there is a hidden code within the emails between notable politicians which implicates them in a child sex trafficking ring. While this is not concrete, the evidence is very compelling and we feel it’s important to bring it to light so people can do their own research. According to most recent reports the powers that be are already trying to cover their tracks by erasing websites and social media content.

12-2-16-survival-401k-logo-medAfter that we will be diving head first in to economic chaos. Ross Powell will be helping us with some financial advice for the future and discussing how his services can help. Imagine being able to take your 401k and turn it in to physical assets such as: property, precious metals, ammo, guns, and freeze dried food. How much would that help you and your family?

The last few minutes of the show Forrest and Kyle will be discussing their call to action for the week along with results from this past week. Incase you need a reminder the challenge was to incorporate some of your survival foods with your holiday leftovers. Turkey casserole? Turkey noodle soup? Show us your culinary prowess by emailing us pictures and a brief description or recipe through our contact info at

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Coming Soon… Angry American

11-18-16-chrisThis week’s upcoming show for November 18th, 2016 Forrest and Kyle will be interviewing author Chris Weatherman. Some folks may know Chris by another name though. Angry American. Chris is a successful author with more than a few novels under his belt. His “Going Home” series is a best seller and has many rave reviews online. Currently Chris lives with his family in Florida. He is an avid prepper and has been involved within that community since the early 90’s. He is well versed on medicinal plants and primitive survival skills.

For the first part of the hour Forrest, Kyle, and Chris will be discussing a relatively new conspiracy that has popped up. This would be referring to the “Purple Revolution.” So join us for that as it directly pertains to the recent election results and what may be coming in America’s future.

5-17-16 received_977761675678821Now, on top of being a best selling author, Chris has also been on the History channels hit series “Alone.” So we will be briefly discussing his time on the show and getting his input on basic survival skill essentials, gear, and mindset.

11-18-16-maxresdefaultThe bulk of the show we’re going to be discussing the prepper mindset. Chris’ novels do a fantastic job of catching the reality of what is likely coming. The gritty harsh reality of any SHTF scenario is something preppers, newbies and veterans, need to come to terms with. There are a lot of series, books, and Youtube personalities which don’t quite capture that. Perhaps they even sell a false sense of security, or romanticized vision of Prepper heroics.

Don’t forget also to join us in the chat room. If you have any questions for Chris we will be happy to ask. Also, be sure to join us next week for a special Black Friday edition of the show where we give you some great gift ideas for the holiday season.


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