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This Sunday: “The Next Generation”  12/9/18

Prepping for Family Conflicts!

The holidays can be a tense time of year. When we are supposed to enjoy the spirit of being with each other and spreading cheer, sometimes we are instead faced with family division, parenting struggles and children caught in-between. Sometimes these stressors during the holiday are overlooked and rarely seen as something to be prepared for.

It’s hard for kids to be prepared for divorce, separation or loss – especially around the holidays. Stress is at a peak, conflicts arise, and tensions are heightened when as parents we must do our best to set aside differences for the sake of someone else. Our roles as parents and providers need to reflect the character we want our kids to duplicate. The strong mothers and fathers out there have a lot to do with how well equipped their kids are in the future.

This week on The Next Generation, we will be having a candid conversation on parenting across a distance, making the most of the time you have, and using this time to engage conversation about some of the “what if” moments of these kinds of separation. We’ll be getting into how prepping relates to emergency scenarios where one parent may need to be prepared to be apart from their kids. And we’ll be talking about the importance of keeping open communication – even when it is difficult – during times of need.

Sometimes family struggles force us to face these situations. Other times, it may be physical barriers that keep a child from one parent or another. But learning how to resolve conflicts, endure family drama and make the best of what you have is the starting point of growing up and being prepared at a very basic level.

Also, don’t miss out on the Pint-Sized Prepper Project of the Week where we show you a simple way to create char cloth with the stuff you have laying around the house! 


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        About: The Next Generation

Have you ever felt lost? Whether it be your career, your travels, or your situation, sometimes the ability to navigate the world around you can be a challenge. Imagine being a kid without direction, bearing or intention who grows up and is expected to find their way on their own.

As parents, preppers, and homesteaders, we have the fortitude to survive and protect the ones we love. But there is a side of preparedness that should never be neglected: the next generation. We find ourselves constantly training, learning, delving into these topics of preparedness. Yet how often do you incorporate the little ones around you?

In this show, we’ll explore the different levels and aspects of preparedness in a way that can be easily adapted to the next generation. We’ll explore everyday cues and situations that can be used as teaching and learning opportunities for your little ones. Every aspect of what we do as preppers now and what we learn as we get involved can help give the next generation a better chance. They will grow up more prepared, more diligent and more resilient with every show. They will grow up to be leaders.

Join me each week as we explore a new situation and the opportunities you can have to include the younger ones among you – or even those new to prepping regardless of age, knowledge or skill.

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