Bugging out? How ’bout a Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle?

Gun Show 5-6 125There’s been a lot of talk about Bugging Out lately, even in the main stream media. So when it comes time to do the dirty, are you ready? What about your vehicle?

On this Monday, May 6 edition of The Gun Show, Dave Womach will be interviewing Merrick Maxfield from 4x4Bodies.com. He specializes in Zombie Apocalypse vehicles, under the pretense of just building some Gun Show2 5-6 125really kick-butt rigs. Have you considered taking that old Rav4 and turning it into an armor plated machine capable of getting you and your family to safety?

Merrick creates kits that can be modified to fit any frame. In fact, many of his clients go get a beat-up clunker that’s been rolled, strip it down to the frame, and build their own rigs capable of mounting a 50 cal and a small squad ready for deployment. This will be a very interesting show!
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By: Noreen Gastineau-Lambert

Co-host of the Homestead Honey Hour

When I was a teenager, zombie movies were all the rage.  One of my friends used to say, “the dead-er the better”.  When I was in high school, a group of my friends and I used to have what we called “Gore fests” every Friday night.  We would take turns hosting and choosing a few choice movies on VHS and enjoy each others’ company.  Zombies were often on the bill.

Now that I am a few years older, and hopefully wiser, I don’t watch those types of movies as often as I used to.  I still enjoy them from time to time, but they just aren’t what they used to be.  Neither are Zombies!  I have noticed of late, and maybe you have as well, that Zombies have permeated our lives by sneaking into everyday conversation, television, fiction and even scientific anomaly.  I am calling this, the zombie phenomenon.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains “zombie” like this: Read more “THE ZOMBIE PHENOMENENON”