Labor Day Reflections!

9-2barbaqueOnce those designated as Millennials (Gen Y) born roughly between 1982 and 2004, began entering the work force a phenomenon not previously known in our society took place. For the first time ever, four generations operate in the work force at the same time. Perhaps on this occasion of Labor Day 2013 we should take time out from our bbq’s, camping trips and last holiday hurrah before fall to reflect on our co-workers and celebrate the unique opportunities 9-2 laborDaythat lie ahead and become solution based when looking at our challenges. Our workforce is now comprised of the Traditionalist, Baby-boomer, Gen X and Millennium generations a vast age group with very different thoughts and ideas about how, when and where to work. The wide array of thought and behavior definitely poses challenges that many working today face regularly. Both the traditionalist and Baby-boomer were raised on the premise that works come first a fact staunchly ingrained in those generations. While the Gen Xers often referred to as the forgotten generation and the Millenniums have swung to the other end of the scale with self and family being number one. While this difference may not seem all that important in the scheme of things in fact it is a major source of miscommunication between co-workers breeding dissatisfaction and possible contempt within the work place. Read more “Labor Day Reflections!”