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The Three Ring Circus… Election!

The Three Ring Circus… Election!
Bob Hawkins “The APN Report” Listen in player below!

The Three Ring Circus… ElectionSo the three ring Circus we call the Election has wound up & the fat lady has sung. Happy Now? Did the world end for you? Has a new day dawned? Or have we all just awoke, thinking Wow! What a Nightmare?

All of it reminds me of almost 17 years ago. 1999, and the lead up to the new century, when WE JUST KNEW Continue reading The Three Ring Circus… Election!


Low Tech Prepping!

Low Tech Prepping
Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps

Prepping for a Low Tech Life Powers-outElectricity is a great thing, until it is no more. We get so used to having light at a flick of a switch. But what happens when those lights go out? On Survival and Tech Preps we have talked about high tech vs low tech in previous shows, now I want to talk about prepping for a low tech lifestyle. Continue reading Low Tech Prepping!