Fire in the Sky Lessons Learned From a Wildfire.

Fire in the Sky!
Lessons Learned From a Real Life Wildfire Event
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Fire in the Sky! Lessons Learned From a Real Life WildfireWildfire season is fast approaching. Like any small flame, there is a possibility of the uncontrollable force that follows.

Tune into this show as we explore the responsibilities you have as a parent and a prepper to convey the importance of camp fire safety, firework safety, and respect for the natural forests we rely on to bug out, escape, or just get away. There’s not much of a cabin in the woods if the woods are reduced to ash and soot. And food? Good luck bagging that deer, elk, or even a rabbit for that matter. Read more “Fire in the Sky Lessons Learned From a Wildfire.”


Living the mercy of the wildfire!

Preppers Pathboise-wildfire_91_600x450According to the calendar spring has sprung but looking outside it’s still pretty dreary with last year’s bounty of grasses and bushes and overgrowth lying about in dingy disarray.  Uggghhhh not only does it look unsightly but it is a danger.  True it should have been dealt with last fall, cut, mowed or just hauled away but alas, the best made plans often go awry.  So what’s the danger?  Wildfire…. living in the wilderness or on the outskirts of the urban sprawl leaves many at the mercy of the wildfire. A topic of preparedness that many don’t think about.  Protecting your family and self from wildfire.  Join Lynna on The Other Side…A Preppers Path as she discovers the how to’s of protecting home and hearth from the wildfire.

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