Dandelion The Dandy of All

Dandelion The Dandy of All Host: Lynna “The Other side… A Preppers Path

Dandelion OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPerhaps no other plant gets a worse rap than the dandelion, cursed vehemently by landscaper and homeowner alike, the dandy of all weeds. Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at this golden beauty and her secrets, just what have you been missing.

Spring has sprung, or at least begun too! The field and lawns are turning that lush green and on a sunny day you can fairly see the blades stretch to the sun.  And then what should appear, a bright yellow shaggy dot, no not one dot but hundreds no maybe make that thousands. Ugh the dreaded dandy of all, the infamous, dandelion.  What’s so terrible, truly a field of dandelion is a cheery vision to behold, brilliant yellow dotting the carpet of green a pretty sight to behold yes?
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