Three Aspects of Sustainable Living!

The Three Aspects of Sustainable Living!
By Leslie Delong

While I’m a big fan of Southernprepper1 in recent videos (links listed below) I find we have disagreements on “The Three Aspects of Sustainable Living”

Sustainable Bec-Touviere-RoketWhile SP1 and I both agree on using wood for a renewable heating source, I disagree with using the average wood stove. Lets face it, if everyone had to make the switch to wood now, we’d run out of forest within a few years. Though they have made great strides in making wood stoves more efficient, they pale in comparison to Rocket Mass Heaters. A Rocket Mass Heater is over 75% efficient. Meaning that if you use 8 cords of wood to heat your home in winter with the average wood stove, you can cut it down to just over 2 cords for the whole winter. Rocket Mass Heaters also burn wood almost completely, leaving no smoke or smell (after the first minute of start up) just carbon dioxide. These two main reasons alone make it worth the investment. However, the Rocket Mass Heater is also extremely cheap and easy to build. Read more “Three Aspects of Sustainable Living!”


Wound Healing and Herbs, Part 1:

Wound Healing and Herbs, Part 1
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path

Wound HealingIn last week’s podcast on “The Human Path” I talked about gunshot wounds in a post-disaster environment.  I know that this is a little bit of a depressing subject, because for a serious gunshot wound, especially a high-velocity round to the torso (as we discussed), there is not a very good chance of survival to be expected without higher medical care that includes surgery and pharmaceuticals.  However, to move back into an area that is one of those more optimistic topics for the next few weeks, I would like to discuss wound healing and herbs that work very well at helping wounds of all types, heal much more quickly. Read more “Wound Healing and Herbs, Part 1:”


Maintaining your environment!

Maintaining your environment during shtf on “Preparing For Life’s Storms”.
What are the three W’s and how do you maintain them (waste, water and washing). Come join me as we talk through the importance of the 3 W’s in a shtf situation.
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