US economy, 10 decisions to make now!

Preparing for the real US economy, 10 decisions to make now!
Host: James “I Am Liberty”

US economyThe shell game goes on as Reid and Mconell have passed a bill to sustain THE BLOB we call a government until February 7th. Fake money will exchange hands and many people will feel good about their country again. They can go back to prime-time television and eating bad takeout.

But what is really happening to our economy? And how do we prepare for it?

Tonight on I Am Liberty I am going to give you 10 hard and fast decisions to make to help you get ready for the reality of our economy. Its important that we take this time ahead of the curve to fortify our own lives. Its not a question of whether the ship will sink. Half of the vessel is already in the water. The dependency level in this country is so high that when the food stamps and government monies stop flowing America will burst into violent desperation. Read more “US economy, 10 decisions to make now!”