DJ Cooper Surviving Dystopia!

DJ Cooper Surviving DystopiaSurviving Dystopia, What the heck does that mean?

DJ Cooper

In it’s most basic sense? “The art of Getting By”

Surviving Dystopia 320x400In 1516 Sir Thomas Moore coined the word Utopia… in his book of the same name, he is describing a society possessing near perfect qualities…. Dystopia is described as the opposite of that, often characterized by dehumanization, totalitarian governments, disasters or some other cataclysmic decline in society… George Orwell’s Dystopian novel 1984 was a classic example of such a society.

Join Author DJ Cooper (Surviving Dystopia) every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern Time for a live show about keeping those Dystopian moments at bay. With no set course and a plethora of topics Read more “DJ Cooper Surviving Dystopia!”