Wild Edibles with Tim MacWelch Part II

Four Seasons of Wild Edibles with Tim MacWelch Part II
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Tim MacWelch downloadWould you like a copy of “Prepare For Anything” ? Here’s your chance on this edition of I Am Liberty. We only made it into two seasons on our show last week with Tim MacWelch. There was some incredible talk about processing acorns and also some very necessary warning for those who are going out into the woods to give the foraging thing a shot. I highly recommend you listen to Part I of our adventure before tuning into Part II. Not only for your health and wellness but because of the fact that we had great conversation and solid knowledge on a great topic.

Would you have ever imagined spring being a killer season? We talked about Tim’s ancestry and how the Powhatan Indians’ most challenging times came in spring before the food really became substantial. Read more “Wild Edibles with Tim MacWelch Part II”