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Solidarity Forever

Why I Wrote Solidarity Forever
By Ralph Chaplin – American West, 1968; Introduction by Bruce Le Roy
Host: Doug “GoatHollow” on They Were Preppers

Solidarity ForeverIn the pantheon of American labor history there is a very special place for Ralph Chaplin, the man and his work. As the poet laureate of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), he is probably remembered best for giving organized labor its fighting them song, Solidarity Forever. But to those of us who were privileged to work with him at the Washington State Historical Society during the last few years of his life, Ralph Chaplin will always be honored for more, much more.

His love affair with the Pacific Northwest was revealed time and again in his writings as well as in his conversation. This rugged region of mountains and Puget Sound, of epic pioneering and great conflicts provided a satisfying backdrop for the unfolding drama of labor history. The “Free Speech” fights at Spokane, Everett, Tacoma, and other cities on the Northwest Coast were milestones to Ralph Chaplin. He reported that crises that exploded into gunfire and tragedy at Everett and Centralia. In the 1960 essay that follows this introduction, Chaplin writes: “Even at this late hour I am more grimly convinced than ever that neither the song itself nor the organization that sparked it could have emerged from any environment other than the Pacific Northwest in the afterglow of the rugged period of American pioneering”. Continue reading Solidarity Forever


The White Getto!

The White Getto!
Host: Doug “They Were Preppers

1-29 povertyOwsley county Kentucky is the poorest county in the United States. It’s a place with rampant drug abuse, and more Food Stamp fraud, than jobs. A place of despair, and hope at the same time. It’s a place where the typical male has a life expectancy of 10 years less than other places in the Country. A place that’s the poster child for the “American dream gone wrong”. Is this a prophetic place? As places all across our nation deteriorate under the weight of overbloated city budgets, as cities crumble under the blight of neglect… Will Owsley county life be in the future for the rest of America’s 99%? Join us on They were Preppers for “The White Getto, In Appalachia, the country is beautiful, and society is broken” by Kevin D. Williamson. Continue reading The White Getto!


The Austramerican (Australian) West

The Austramerican (Australian) West on “They Were Preppers
By John Greemway
Reading By: Doug aka GoatHollow

AustralianTo go into the Australian West is to go into the past. Yet wherever you go, however remote in distance or in time, America and its own West intrudes. A year ago I went to the edge of the Old Stone Age with a party of Australian scientists to study the water metabolism of the aboriginal natives in the hope of determining how these most primitive of people had adapted their bodies to survive in conditions of great heat and aridity. One particularly hard day, when the temperature stood at 120 degrees in the water bag, I sat in the red dust of Australia’s dead heartland trying desperately to convince myself that I was in the same world as my university halfway around the earth. Except for the main body of natives camped near the half dozen tin-an-transite shacks of the government station twenty-five miles away, our party of seven whites and two dozen natives was the largest group of human beings in two-hundred thousand square miles of desert so barren that – as the Australians say – you could flog a flea across the plain and see him every time he jumped.

AustralianThe adult natives were asleep in the sand, unmindful of the bush flies and the dust settling in their eyes and ears, but a handful of children played in our waterhole and hunted for lizards to trade for hard candy from the lolly jar.” I had recorded some of the strange mythic songs from their parents earlier in the day, and since the tape recorder was still set up, I asked the children to sing some of their songs for me. They gathered around the microphone, naked, knowing no word of English except “lolly” never having heard a radio or a record player, or seen a movie or television; yet after a moment of conspiratorial giggling, they sang out, loud and confidently: Daby, Daby Crocka, kingada wile frontee. Continue reading The Austramerican (Australian) West


“Belated Frontier” on They were Preppers

Belated Frontier
By: Thomas M Griffiths
Read By: Doug aka GoatHollow

FrontierAny historian familiar with the march of empire across the American West should now be able to predict the succession of frontiers due to sweep across the Peace River landscape. That he might, in this instance, be wrong is not to his discredit, for destiny and environment have operated in another fashion here, although superficially the ingredients seem to be the same that have produced an orderly succession of fur-trade, cattle grazing, mining, and farming in the development of other frontier lands. Continue reading “Belated Frontier” on They were Preppers


Canyon Dwellers on “They Were Preppers”

The Canyon Dwellers on “They Were Preppers”
By: Robert C. Euler
Host: Doug “GoatHollow”

Grand CanyonThat the Grand Canyon is one of the most significant geological records on the face of the earth has been recognized for well over a century. What has not generally been realized is that its spectacular depths also document an intriguing chapter in the prehistory of man in America.
Although Major John Wesley Powell sighted Indian ruins during his exploration of the Colorado canyons in 1869, it was not suspected until recently that human occupation of the Grand Canyon ever could have been more than a comparatively brief experience, a footnote to the story of prehistoric man in the Southwest. Continue reading Canyon Dwellers on “They Were Preppers”


Ignatius Donnelly & The Politics of Discontent

Ignatius Donnelly & The Politics of Discontent 

An Inquiry into the Career of a Populist
By: Roger G. Kennedy
Host: Doug “GoatHollow” for “They Were Preppers

Ignatius DonnellyEditor’s Note: There have been few periods in the history of the West more thoroughly convulsive than that between 1880 and 1900, a time when all the agonies of class conflict in America found sharp focus in the plight of the western farmer, whose dream of a Jeffersonian Eden had been mutilated by reality _ and, in his view, by the villainous manipulation of money-lenders and capitalists. The period gave birth to Populism, one of the most significant political movements in western history, and one that would have a profound effect on both major parties, even while the presidential campaigns of the party’s leader, William Jennings Bryan, went down to defeat. Continue reading Ignatius Donnelly & The Politics of Discontent


The Gunfighter and Society

“The Gunfighter and Society”
Host: GoatHollow

Ross_Martin_Robert_Conrad_Wild_Wild_West_1965“The Gunfighter and Society”, is the title of an article to be read by GoatHollow on this broadcast of “They Were Preppers“. Following is an excerpt from that article written some 50 years ago. The changes in society’s perception seen then can be seen now in today’s media. However the influence and changes that media makes is not always easily seen until comparisons are made.

Take a few moments to read the excerpt below then join us for live reading of the entire article. This reading is sure to give you pause, reflecting on the good old days and the changes that have led us to the moral compass most seem to follow now. Continue reading The Gunfighter and Society


Tyrone, Utopia Deserted

Tyrone, Utopia Deserted on “They Were Preppers
Host: Doug (GoatHollow)
Tyrone  Tyrone New Mexico, referred to as the million dollar city when built in 1915. A train station designed so the trains would back into the station to avoid disturbing passengers or those in the court yard with its smoke. A modern (at the time) hospital, department store, fountains made of marble, and the courthouse/jail also state-of-the-art.

The design idea was an architectural Spanish Mission style town. This was the concept in mind when world-renowned New York architect Bertram G. Goodhue was commissioned to design and draw up plans in 1914. It is said that this decision was strongly influenced be Goodhue’s visits to Mexico earlier that year.

Tyrone  The executives in charge of the project in building Tyrone had already formed general ideas as to how the town should be laid out before Goodhue was invited to the project and about how Tyrone would be served by a new rail link to Southern Pacific’s track through southern New Mexico. Goodhue’s input, assisted in the decision that the railroad station should be one of the primary buildings surrounding the large plaza, featuring an impressive fountain and bandstand. Construction began and a very short time a legend arose.

Besides a few old photos and magazine articles the old courthouse and Catholic Church are about all that remain of old Tyrone. In six years the town of Tyrone went from boom to bust. What was once a bustling community of people with hopes and dreams becomes a Ghost Town.

On this episode of “They Were Preppers” our host Doug (GoatHollow) reads us a story written before 1969 about Tyrone. Listen in and learn what sparked the idea of creating the city of Tyrone and why this lavish New Mexico creation turned ghost town in such a short time.
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