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Gun Control, Applauding Counter Measures!

Gun Control woman-with-gunGun Control, Applauding Counter Measures!

I must say the frown I held when watching the first video regarding gun control was quickly swept away and replaced with a smile while watching the second.

What in the world were they thinking in the first video? Who in their right mind would not contemplate arming themselves for self defense after watching an unarmed mother getting blown away.

The police can not help this woman in the first video and the woman in the second needs no help at all. Continue reading Gun Control, Applauding Counter Measures!


The Blaze and an Interview with one of our own Preppers!

Published today on “The Blaze”, an interview with one of our own from American Preppers Network. Because of my involvement with American Preppers Network as well as American Preppers Radio being an integral part of American Preppers Network you can bet your last dollar I was worried, and concerned on how this interview would be played out in print. Phil Burns did us a good job and a high five to “The Blaze” for not twisting the words or philosophy of a Prepper.

Taking care of one’s self and family and then the community, in that order, in its simplest description, this is being a Prepper.

From “The Blaze”:

“It’s just brutal right now,” Burns said. “I have a community to look out for and to protect. This is my passion and I don’t like seeing it demonized.

“‘Preppers’ are being used as a scapegoat right now,” he continued.

“To us in particular, preparedness is about living a self-reliant lifestyle . . . It’s about, in a disaster situation, having a philosophy that is not we sit around and wait for FEMA to….Read Entire Article