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Thanksgiving on Apocalypse Nana

Thanksgiving on Apocalypse Nana
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

Thanksgiving black-ops-turkey-465x339Tune in this Thursday at 9 pm for a very special treat: The Apocalypse Nana Thanksgiving Special, with special guests Scott Baker and Ripley from Spoil the Dead!

Join Jackie, Rob, and Dom as they talk about Thanksgiving – end of days style! Our hosts will talking about what a post-apocalyptic Thanksgiving dinner entails, some survival tips for holiday disasters, Continue reading Thanksgiving on Apocalypse Nana


Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes!

The Homestead Honey Hour Thanksgiving Recipes!


Happy Thanksgiving! From all of us at Prepper Broadcasting!


thanksgiving recipes

Join us this Thursday afternoon for a special edition of the Homestead Honey Hour. Noreen and Katzcradul will be on hand to answer all your last minute questions and help you through the upcoming Thanksgiving Meal. We are calling the show Thanksgiving 411, Talkin’ Turkey (and stuffing, and cranberries and everything!).

thanksgiving recipesAre you cooking thanksgiving for the first time? Are you having trouble with your bird? Do you have no idea what you are doing, but want some guidance on where to start? This is the time. Tune in, call in with your questions, join in the chat and we will do our best to answer everyone! Nothing is to easy or too hard, we can help you and if we can’t we can help you come up with an alternative to get you through.

We live our lives in a state of preparedness, but sometimes nothing can prepare us for a large holiday gathering. It is time to put your fears way, set your mind at ease and seek out the help you need! Continue reading Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes!


“The Great Pumpkin” Benefits & Uses!

“The Great Pumpkin” Benefits  & Uses
Host: Lynna… A Preppers Path

Great PumpkinThere’s a nip in the air, leaves are falling and the Great Pumpkin soon begins its reign. Halloween looms just around the corner unceremoniously the kick off to the fall/winter holiday season. A staple of the season the pumpkin begins its seasonal reign from the Jack O’Lantern of Halloween to the coveted pie of the Thanksgiving and Christmas table.

Tune into The Other Side of a Preppers Path this Sunday Oct 27th and learn why the traditional orange orb (pumpkin) isn’t just pie anymore. A staple of the garden and holiday season the pumpkin is often overlooked as a mere decorative gourd and something to make pie out of. Living a prepared lifestyle lends itself to looking at something for its known value and then looking again for the hidden values or ability to repurpose the item. Continue reading “The Great Pumpkin” Benefits & Uses!


A Handmade Holiday with the Homestead Honeys!

We are hardly preparing for our Thanksgiving feast, yet we can hear the jingle bells, the soft tones of holiday music and the blatant advertising reminding us of how many days there are until Christmas!

In recent days, national retailers have reported that they are scrambling to get our attention as consumers because even they can see the writing on the wall. These retailers are vying for our dollars because they know this holiday season can either make or break them.  They know that it is most likely the latter. The economy is at an all-time low, unemployment is at an all-time high.  Some people believe that as a nation we are facing bleak and uncertain future.

All of this does not stop the fact that the holidays are coming and will be here soon.  This week on the Homestead Honey Hour Noreen will be your host and the topic will be Handmade Holiday!  Now, more than ever, is a time to reach inside ourselves.  Put our talents to work and give from the heart.

They say it’s the thought that counts and I believe that to be true.  Giving something that you make with your own hands, whether it is a tray of someone’s favorite fudge, a pair of hand knitted socks, scarf or a handmade journal, is the best gift of all.  When I craft a gift I am thinking about the recipient and putting that energy into that gift.  How could someone not like something you have made especially for them?

Also on this episode of “The Homestead Honey Hour” want to talk about changing the way we shop for the holidays.  For some people the act of shopping for the perfect holiday gift is almost as important as the act of the giving.  I would never take that away from someone.  Myself included, but we need to get away from the big box stores and get into the local, mom and pop stores and small businesses that make this country great.  We need to take the dollars out of the corporations and put it back into the hands of the hard working Americans who have so much to offer this holiday season.

Let’s come together and talk about ideas that we can use to make this a Handmade Holiday that our families and friends won’t soon forget.

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