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Technology, preparedness aspect!

Do You Have Your Technology Affairs In Order?
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Technology HAMAs we know it’s not if an emergency happens it’s when… and one aspect that many folks forget about is having their technology affairs in order?

Preppers are preppers because they have the food, the bug out bags, and everything Continue reading Technology, preparedness aspect!


Tech Preps… Digital Archiving and Communication!

Tech Preps, Digital Archiving and Communication – Staying Prepared Technically.
Host: John Smith “Tech Prep

Tech Preps 350x350With over 45 different shows it looks as if Prepper Broadcasting has finally filled a void that many preppers/survivalist have been wanting to hear. Tonight Prepper Broadcasting brings you the premier of “Tech Preps” hosted by John Smith.

Each week “Tech Preps” will bring you an episode about Technical Preps for those that are preparing for when “SHTF and other reasons to prep.” Tech Preps will go over different ways to include Technical Preps in your everyday scenarios before and after “SHTF. Continue reading Tech Preps… Digital Archiving and Communication!