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5 Ways to Teach Your Kids Survival Skills!

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids Survival Skills

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids Survival SkillsWith everything that is going on in the world today, and the fact that many children are addicted to technology, these 5 ways to teach your kids survival skills can really help to make a difference in their lives. From identifying plants to building a shelter, to learning what kinds of food to pack, it can be vital to ensure that your children learn how to take care of themselves if the need should arise. Continue reading 5 Ways to Teach Your Kids Survival Skills!


The Anyone Can Farm Academy!

HHH pigsWhen the Michigan DNR all but shut down farmer Mark Baker’s successful, pasture-raised, pork operation in Marion Michigan, he became the embodiment of that old adage:   When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.    Mark, his wife Jill, and their eight children re-grouped and decided to go in a new direction.   If they wouldn’t be allowed to raise healthy, naturally-produced food for people, they would do the next best thing:   Teach people to raise it themselves.

And thus, the “Anyone Can Farm: America’s Farm to Fork Academy” project was launched.

Modern farming relies heavily on fossil fuels, genetically modified seeds (GMO’s), soil-depleting farming techniques, and crowded animal-husbandry practices in order to produce cheap, plentiful food.  This cheap, factory-farm food is the bland, nutrient-vacant fare filling our grocery store shelves. To listen to this show… Continue reading The Anyone Can Farm Academy!


Tom, founder of American Preppers Network and the “Galt Strike”

The premier of  The Galt Strike
Hosts: Tom and Catman
Galtstrikelogo183x125Galt strike, inspired by Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged and the Character John Galt. Our goal is to teach and share every possible “Legal” method of reducing and eliminating our tax footprints thereby starving the banker oligarchies of the world. The mission, to share every idea possible to cut our production, expenses, and taxes to starve the banker oligarchy. Description, we will accomplish our goals by learning how to reduce our labor and expenses within the “looters and moochers” economy, and redirecting our efforts more towards our own “personal” economies (our own Galt’s Gultch).
Listen to us tonight at 4:00PM pacific/ 6:00PM central when catman and Tom will actually address the question “What about the roads?” How should they be funded. Can we have a true voluntary society and still have viable infrastructure? I am willing to bet that society could even have better.
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