Financial Preparedness! “The Sky is Falling”

FinancialBlood on the Moon, a sign/omen that danger is coming. Through the eyes of many, an apt description of the times we live in. A glance at any news site is sure to enforce this belief with predictions of financial crisis, continued economic failure, natural disasters in all corners of the world, civil wars, holy wars, pain, suffering and a host of calamities. You name it, its happening or going to happen. What are we to do, the sky must be falling, that’s it the sky is falling, the sky is falling! Feeling like the little red hen and her sky is falling scenario is no longer a nursery rhyme for many but a fact of life. Bad news, scary news abounds it seems to be everywhere around every corner. Living a life prepared suddenly becomes confusing, a little panic stricken even. Read more “Financial Preparedness! “The Sky is Falling””