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Noah and Today’s Ark: Prepper Trying to Prepare!

Noah and Today’s Ark: The Lord spoke to Noah and said, “Noah, in six months I am going to make it rain until the whole world is covered with water and all the evil things are destroyed. But, I want to save a few good people and two of every living thing on the planet.…
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September 7, 2011 0


Original post by American Preppers Network If you’ve already received this notice, please disregard the following message. This is a casting call for a major Cable TV Network. I have spoken with the producers of this show, and this is a legitimate casting call. Up to 40 Preppers are needed to appear in this TV…
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July 24, 2011 0

A Preppers Story

A preppers Story is up and running. I am surprised at the quality and number of entries submitted. Please see this weeks addition by clicking on tab above “Preppers Story”,  read our story and submit your entry.

June 19, 2011 1

No Bug Out Bag, No Survival Items

One Mans Story Several years ago I was hunting in the Strawberry mountains of Oregon. We were up early that first morning and worked our way to the base of a shale hillside, left the horses, broke up into 2 groups, but I hunted alone that day. I am an experienced hunter, fairly experienced woodsman…
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