Bushcraft Knives 101: Why do you Need to Find a Perfect Bushcraft Knife

Bushcraft Knives 101: 
Why do you Need to Find a Perfect Bushcraft Knife

Bushcraft Knives 101Knife enthusiasts, we have great news for you! Trying to find yourself a good knife for your outdoor adventures? Your outdoor adventures need a survival knife that can help you with different kinds of tasks! The knife should be able enough to complete all tasks, from the smallest to the toughest.

So, why not take a look at bushcraft knives? They are not only useful, but also quite strong. A perfect mixture of beauty and strength! What else could you really want? Read more “Bushcraft Knives 101: Why do you Need to Find a Perfect Bushcraft Knife”


Add Strength to your Survival Plan!

Add Strength to your Survival Plan with Powerful Fitness Tools
James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio player below!

Add Strength to your Survival PlanFitness doesn’t have to be tied to a gym membership. Though it may seem like having a gym membership is key to getting in shape you don’t actually have to step foot into a gym to get fit. Some of my favorite gear for getting a good workout is sitting in my living room. Read more “Add Strength to your Survival Plan!”


Savage survival strength without a gym!

Savage survival strength without a gym
Host: James “I Am Liberty

strengthThere is something uniquely terrifying about crossing the threshold of a gym. The thought of bigger, stronger and more beautiful people than you questioning your presence at “their gym.” All of the new machines and technology you are clueless about. It’s enough to make you quit before you even start.

Though some of this is true the gym can be a wonderful experience but for those of you who don’t want that in your life there are options. I hope this article will help you get fit in 2014.

The question is: How do I get savage, survival strength without a gym? Read more “Savage survival strength without a gym!”


Fitness and Disaster Preparedness

Fitness and Disaster Preparedness
Host: Sam Coffman
Sam CoffmanFunctional fitness is a concept that describes practical, common-sense methods of both getting into shape and staying in shape. Like most things in our current American culture, it is easy to compartmentalize exercise into something that is separate from everyday life.

FitnessJoin Sam Coffman as he talks about the problems that this kind of compartmentalization of fitness presents, and how separating fitness from the rest of our life actually hurts rather than helps our true athletic ability. Sam discusses methods and concepts to help you use everyday tasks to keep your body fit enough to deal with the stresses of a post-disaster situation.The kind of fitness needed after a disaster includes several aspects in order to keep you healthy. Strength, cardio (stamina), nutrition, self-defense, mobility and flexibility are all key components of this kind of an approach to fitness.

Additionally, Sam talks about integrating situational awareness, breathing, focus and concentration and even weapons into a functional fitness routine. He answers common questions about high-intensity workouts, proprioception, plyometrics and “burst energy” as well as relaxation techniques and how these help a person cope with a high-adrenaline encounter.

In Sam Coffman’s survival school, the Combat Medic specialty is involved with the realm of the body. Sam talks about how a holistic approach to exercise and fitness creates a body and mind that are much more adaptable to unknown stresses, as well as an ability to recover more quickly from injury and exercise.

Join Sam as he guides you through some fundamental concepts to fitness that allow you to work out at any time of day in your own home or yard.
Sam Coffman Website: http://thehumanpath.com
Blog: http://blog.mysanantonio.com/samcoffman/

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