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Brandon Burroughs from Infidel Anvilworks!

Brandon Burroughs from Infidel Anvilworks
Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps

Brandon Burroughs from Infidel AnvilworksOn this show we have a special guest, Brandon Burroughs from Infidel Anvilworks. Brandon has been a guest on 7P’s of Survival show and recently he came into some forging materials and wanted to start his own forge. Tonight he will be talking about his passion and what all he will try to do. It will be a very interesting show Continue reading Brandon Burroughs from Infidel Anvilworks!


The Perfect Survival Knife!

How to Pick the Perfect Survival Knife

By Tim Martinez of “The Knife Depot

Survival KnifeWhether you’re picking up a survival knife to put in your bug-out bag or need a knife to carry out with you on outdoor adventures through the wilderness, it’s vital to pick out the perfect knife.

Even though a survival knife is a matter of preference, there are some general guidelines to picking the perfect survival knife. Continue reading The Perfect Survival Knife!