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Dependency on government for your food!

8-26 food 72hours-2What if you were dependent upon the government for your food? Imagine a world where producing food outside the control of the state was outlawed and you depended upon the state to give you the means to procure rationed amounts of state approved food. Sound farfetched? Is it the stuff of some 1950′s dystopian novel or a B list Sci-Fi movie? Not really. Consider that history bears this notion out and that the government ALREADY has the infrastructure to do this, even as they are waging war on small food producers with the fascist alliances with Big Ag and Big Pharma. Join me on Red Horse Unleashed Monday as I return to the air from my hiatus and we will discuss this notion and I want to hear YOUR opinions! Monday, August 26 at 9pm EST.

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Hosted by Chris Watson