Societal Collapse, A Fiction Interview

Are You Prepared For Societal Collapse – A Fiction Interview
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead”

Societal Collapse  A Fiction InterviewThis week Karen Lynn interviews prepper fiction authors Bobby Akart who is also blog owner of Freedom Preppers, contributing writer at America’s Preppers Network, and Steve Konkoly who has a strong military background and Author of several books. Karen Lynn can’t wait to dive right in and discuss their latest book The Loyal Nine which is the first book in the six part Boston Brahmin series. The series, set primarily in Boston, revolves around nine Bostonians led by a Harvard – Kennedy School of Government Professor, Henry “Sarge” Sargent, and his brother Steven, an ex-navy Seal turned deep cover mercenary. The lineage of these nine Bostonians date back to the American Revolution. Read more “Societal Collapse, A Fiction Interview”