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RF Noise, is it Harmful?

RF Noise, is it Harmful? Highlander “Tech Preps” There have been a lot of discussions about smart meters, cell phones, wifi routers, radio transmissions etc etc… We often find ourselves seeing the media and other blogs and reports demonizing radio waves as the evil unseen force that will destroy our bodies. There have been many…
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August 24, 2015 0

The Down Side of Smart Meters!

Smart Meters with TheMrsVolfie I will be hosting what I consider to be an EXTREMELY important show, one I think you all will find very informative! My Topic for the Evening will be Down Side of Smart meters! For those of you who do not know what smart meters are, a smart meter is usually…
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March 14, 2013 0

Twisted Radio, Jerry Day, & Pastor Eli James! “Smart Meters and World Affairs”

Thursday September 1, 2011 my guest will be Pastor Eli James discussing the state of affairs now in the world as well as (time permitting) King Arthur! Follwing Pastor Eli will be Jerry Day discussing Smart Meters, their…Go to Listen and Chat tab above for details.

September 1, 2011 0