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Sleep Deprivation!

Sleep Deprivation Jordan (Jfurgie) “A Family Affair” in player below! Everyone has heard of the term night owl. But did you know staying up at all hours can greatly affect you. Sleep deprivation is something we all at some time or another have gone through. Sleep deprivation is not having enough sleep, this can be…
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December 2, 2018 0

5 Tips to Prevent Sleep Deprivation

5 Tips to Prevent Sleep Deprivation  Six to eight hours of sleep every day is the amount of rest we need to keep our brain and body healthy and prepared for any challenge. When we’re young, we could manage with less sleep. But as we age, our ability to tolerate the sleep deprivation effects diminishes…
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November 14, 2017 1

Smart Ammo, Border Disease….

Smart Ammo, Border Disease…. Host: Dr Bones & Nurse Amy “The Survival Medicine Hour” Holy cow, science fiction is becoming fact more often than not, and here’s more proof. The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced the first successful live-fire tests of the military’s first smart, self-guided bullets. In a video released by…
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July 14, 2014 2