Shotguns: Ammunition Edition part 3!

Shotguns: Ammunition Edition Part 3
Dane D. “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided

Shotguns: Ammunition EditionLast week, on the Gunmetal Armory, we talked all about ammunition again including Rimfire calibers, which ones work the best, which ones to stock up on and the rimfire rounds we prefer to use when we are at the range or stocking our own Gunmetal Armory. Last week was great cause we also discussed the upcoming election, and what it may mean to us in AZ. and all over the USA. It’s scary how much an election can mean, and besides the shotgun we touch on it again in this episode being that this past week was election week. Hopefully, many states will remain Red and many states will switch from blue to red. Cause like it or not, our beautiful country is on the brink of something very scary Read more “Shotguns: Ammunition Edition part 3!”