Energy, This Prepper is Not Gonna Leave the Light On!

Lynna 100Sipping hot cocoa while contemplating the day ahead a chill pervaded the room. Glancing at the outdoor thermometer revealed the reason, 42 degrees and only September 5th. The realization that I better get the stove pipe repaired now, hit me. Autumn is on the way and in the natural course of things winter follows and temperatures drop. Autumn also the start of a new school year had me thinking about energy Light bulbeducation. I belong to an electric cooperative which has a great publication called Northern Lights Ruralite containing all sorts of articles on tips for energy savings and the like. A monthly publication I routinely peruse during mornings like today. The article catching my eye this morn, was written by Hailey Hawkins called Become a Student of Savings and was directed at college students. The information Hailey supplied is valuable and without risking plagiarism I want to forward some of the tips on to you. While her article specifically focused on college students I found the tips beneficial for all of us.

The monthly budget is a concern for all of us and winter as beautiful as it is usually means a substantial increase in expenses. Energy being chief among the culprits of my dollars a plan of defense is in order. Often when reading about energy savings the writer starts off with the basics such as turning down the thermometer to 68 during living hours and 60 at bedtime or when away, while this is a very valid tip and in actuality I did begin with it I want to bring up a few things you may not have thought about. Read more “Energy, This Prepper is Not Gonna Leave the Light On!”