Sanitation 3: The Latrine!

Sanitation 3: The Latrine!
Sanitation and Personal Cleanliness Part 3. The Latrine
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Sanitation 3: The LatrineIn this episode of Reality Check, we are continuing with part 2 of sanitation, literally. On this show our number 1 focus is on number 2. Everyone knows it by the same name whether latrine, loo, out house, head, water closet, privy, potty, or toilet. It is something that we are all going to have to do once it hits the fan. Dealing with human waste is a very touchy subject, but one we all will have to deal with. Ignoring proper bathroom sanitation can lead to disease, sickness, and death. Did you know that a single gram of poop could contain over 10 million viruses, bacteria, cysts, and parasitic eggs? Can you say barf? Read more “Sanitation 3: The Latrine!”