Learn what you need to survive in a real life hell on American Preppers Radio!

Boston marathon222x125This Monday on The Gun Show learn what you need to survive in a real life hell!

When people think about TEOTWAWKI or SHTF, they envision a lawless world full of looting and chaos.  They picture a victorious scenario of winning all the gunfights, and their family, friends, and neighbors all end up unscathed.

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After listening to 1LT Harry Golden last week, you know that couldn’t be further from the truth.  This Monday, April 22 on the Gun Show, meet Sgt. Thomas A. Middleton, a combat medic who served the front lines while honoring God and his fellow man. Take a moment to get inside the head of a man with so much integrity, that he would actually tend to his enemy’s injuries once the battle ended.  Learn about what you need to know to survive in a real life hell.  He’s been there, done that, and even written the book. Listen to this show and read more! Read more “Learn what you need to survive in a real life hell on American Preppers Radio!”


First Lieutenant Harry Golden, discover the real secrets of fighting for your life.

Gun Show4-15-125Imagine being ambushed by al Queda on a bridge in their home turf.  You go black on ammo and are forced to re-supply off your dead and wounded.  When that goes south, you’re left with nothing but a pistol.  The combat report comes in after the battle, and you’ve officially just dodged more than 2,000 rounds while returning fire and eliminating the threat… welcome to your first day in Ramadi.

This Monday, April 15, on The Gun Show Dave Womach dives into the world of combat with First Lieutenant Harry Golden to discover the real secrets of fighting.  Chances are that you’ve read his story on the pages of “Saber’s Edge” by Thomas A. Middleton.  Being a bit of a survivalist himself, he offers an unprecedented look into the reality of war.  It isn’t about marksmanship; it’s about fighting with your weapon.  Buddy teams, medics, vehicle born assaults, and defending the homestead.  Join into the listen and chat section, or simply call in to ask any questions you’d like.

GunShow4-15Harry Golden125About LT Golden:
First Lieutenant Harry Golden served his country for 12 years. First deployed for nine months in Support of Operation Desert Storm. Later he enlisted in the Army National Guard and attended Officer Candidate School. He was deployed for 20 consecutive months in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 3-4 & 5-6. During a six month period, while attached to the 2nd Marine Division, Golden’s 21 Troopers of Blackjack Third Platoon 1/104 CAV, 28th ID, earned one Silver Star, three Bronze Stars with Valor, four Bronze Stars and five Purple Hearts for direct combat against al Queda in al Anbar Province, Ramadi, Iraq. Now retired, he lives in the South-West and tends to his flock of chickens.

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