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The Miracle Cure!

The Miracle Cure! Get Outs
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Miracle Cure night-woodWhat ails you? It seems like every person I know has something. It’s a neck thing an ear thing an eye thing. Its allergies or its blood pressure or it’s something hereditary. Of course we all break down and some of us suffer from legitimate physical or health related issues. It’s really hard for me to believe that everyone is suffering from some kind of crazy nuisance that cannot be turned off. I find this hard to believe and beyond that I think being wrapped up in the techno induced human experience is creating some issues. Continue reading The Miracle Cure!


Preppers shying away from fitness!

I am Liberty4-19 2I am liberty 125Since we didn’t get to touch on fitness last week tonight we will go deep and discuss the importance of fitness in your toolbag. It’s not just about the physical conditioning!

You know how there are certain issues in life we shy away from? We all deal with at least one pertinent issue that we run from like bubonic plague. For preppers I would have to say its fitness.

The guns, the gardens, the gear is all fair game. I ask tonight that you do not shield yourself with a gun. I believe our country will slowly erode. Society is slowly washing away before our eyes. The waves of hate, economics, and war have been beating our shores for decades. Trouble will crop up and you may not have your gun. How comfortable do you feel about running? How about running for your life?

The bests part about fitness is it can be free and effective. Too often I hear from people who want to get prepared but have no money. Well, drop and give me 10. There is nothing more valuable than your health. Take control tonight on I Am Liberty.

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