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Wilderness Search & Rescue!

Wilderness Search & Rescue! Josh “The 7P’s of Survival” On this episode of the 7 P’s of Survival radio we have Tyler Anderson back on the show to talk about wilderness search and rescue. You may remember Tyler from the two shows he was on here last year. We talked about Mountaineering

August 3, 2016 0

Caving 101

Caving 101 Josh “7 P’s of Survival” This week on the 7 P’s Of Survival we will have Tyler Anderson back on the show and we will be talking all things Caving. Tyler will walk you through where to start on your caving journey as far as equipment, training, packing, guides, clubs, rescue and much…
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November 4, 2015 0

Use of Dragons Breath In Shotguns

Use of Dragons Breath In Shotguns Dragons breath, to define it in the most precise way, it is a highly charged powder used in shotgun shells. This can be used with 12 gauge shotgun shells. Further, it can be said that it is an exotic flammable round that can not be used in auto-loading or semi-automatic…
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July 5, 2014 3

An expert in rescue, survival and communications joins Prepper Broadcasting!

We have added a new host to our line up we would like you to meet. This preppers education and training in disaster services began at the age of 17 when hurricane Camille struck the Mississippi gulf coast on August 19, 1969, has also worked almost every natural and man-made disaster in Southeast Louisiana up…
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February 24, 2012 0