Hunting for food, will it be there?

Hunting for food, will it be there?
Host: James “I Am Liberty

HuntingI told you last week that I was opening a new chapter in my life with the recurve bow. Hunting has always been just out of my scope. Since getting my hands on the bow I have been taking short steps to get to where I am now. I hear a lot of comments about hunting and prepping some say it’s vital some say it won’t matter because the food will be wiped out so fast in the woods. On this episode of I Am Liberty I want to discuss this.

There is incredible gains that can be made every time you dissolve into the woods. I have spent most of my life in the woods but never to track or hunt. It is my personal opinion that whether you bag something or not the skills that you develop in the woods are going to be of great help.

We will take a look at article both to the contrary as well as favoring the relevance of hunting in your skill set. I would love to hear from the listeners about advice and starting points with bow hunting. If you are on the fence about hunting as well I encourage you to take this journey with me and we can learn together. Read more “Hunting for food, will it be there?”