Raising Quail with guest, Autumnprepper

Quail: The low-key source of eggs and meat with no land required!

Raising Quail with guest, Autumnprepper
Host: Renée “The Homestead Honey Hour”

homestead honey 125Square foot gardening, vertical gardening, container gardening, edible landscaping and other innovative horticultural, techniques have made raising at least part of one’s own food achievable for many people. However, when it comes to having a sustainable protein source (beyond beans), the urban and suburban prepper / homesteader is often at a disadvantage. City dwellers or those in the ‘burbs may find they have restrictive zoning and/or a lack of land working against them when it comes to keeping a few laying hens or other livestock. But there is a solution. You just have to think outside the box. . . and smaller: Enter the Quail. Read more “Raising Quail with guest, Autumnprepper”