Shopping Tactics to Psychological Preparedness!

Shopping Tactics to Psychological Preparedness!
Host: Gary & GGsBoo “The Road Less Traveled”

ShoppingWelcome to this week’s outing on “The Road Less Traveled.” On this excursion we’ll continue focusing on some of the intricacies of Prepping from our perspectives with an emphasis on psychological preparedness being quite important to our overall efforts. Learning exactly who and what we really are and the nature of our surroundings are essential to being psychologically prepared.

ShoppingGGsBoo will discuss shopping tactics; how to plot your way through a shopping store, and developing a method of weekly menu planning that rotates through your stored items.
GaryL will explore how we perceive our physical realities and more fundamentals of Pythagorean numbers, where Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa and Johannes Kepler picked up the ball and ran with it, examining the relationship of perception and the geometry of frequency, energy, and vibration! Read more “Shopping Tactics to Psychological Preparedness!”