Efficiency & Productivity!

Efficiency & Productivity!
Host: Lynna “The Other Side… A Preppers Path”

EfficiencyAssistance Groups: You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours! Mutual Assistance Groups aka MAG’s are the epitome of this old saying with a lot more to boot. What are Mutual Assistance Groups, Mutual Assistance Associations or a host of other names? What can a MAG do for you or not. The term when searched on line brings up a bevy of entries, 2,980,000 on one search engine alone. That’s a lot of information to digest.

EfficiencyMutual Assistance is a term used in many areas of living, our electric companies and other entities wishing to work together for reasons such as economic, efficiency and productivity often form these types of alliances. But wait, we are talking about personal preparing, what does a MAG have to do with us? The prepping community began talking about and forming MAG’s around 2010 and some probably much earlier, as many saw the handwriting on the wall in that if and when it all hits the fan, no one is an island as they say, no one person can do it all, can cover all the skills. It is a proven fact organized well; there is power and safety in numbers. So surviving and preparing folk embraced the concept of Mutual Assistance Groups. MAG’s come in all sizes and personalities, how do you sort it all out. Read more “Efficiency & Productivity!”