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Shelter in place!

Shelter in place Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided! This week on the GunMetal Armory we’re going to talk about Shelter in place. Shelter in place is something that many different survival blogs and podcasts have addressed and it is something that is extremely important when it comes to any type of an emergency…
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July 20, 2018 0

Today’s problems “What do they mean to me?”

Today’s problems “What do they mean to me?” Host: Lisa & Dale Goodwin “Survivalist Preppers” This week I have Bennett on and we talk about all the stuff we see on the news and ask “What does it mean to me?” We all know there are problems all around us and if you watch too…
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December 6, 2014 0

Assessment 2014 SHTF

Assessment 2014 SHTF  Host: James “I Am Liberty” Here at I AM Liberty we really appreciate setting goals for each year. It was this mindset that actually created the Reroot USA movement. I grew tired of not fixing problems and just whining about them. It was then as 2012 came to a close and we all…
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December 20, 2013 0

Solutions that allow YOU to act locally to outreach and help others!

We always talk about the problems we have in our lives, with others, in our government.  We can all diagnose them well enough and then despair when the problems are larger than our abilities to fix, or are they? This Monday night we are SOLUTIONS oriented. No whining, no gloom and doom, just positive solutions…
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January 14, 2013 0