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Where’s the focus?

Where’s the focus?
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

focus emergency-preparedness-checklist-1024x682As we go about our daily lives we get wrapped up in things that are our focus. Where that focus is will be where our efforts are expended. But what happens when that focus is shifted or fragmented? Our thoughts and actions become the same.

This week I would like to talk about that focus. I’ve been talking about the NPS expo in Louisville Continue reading Where’s the focus?


Preparations and Prioritizing!

PreparationsPreparations and Prioritizing! A common ailment among us is that proverbial, that can’t happen to me! However, once you come to the realization that in fact bad things happen, and could happen to you a fire is ignited within the heart and mind of the prepper to begin their preperations. We thirst for information and a driving priority to quench the thirst and relieve the drought very often leads us down the wrong path. In our haste we look for quick relief leading us to the most accessible medium of information readily available to most everyone. The great omnipotent Internet unfortunately is often a purveyor of misleading and blatantly false facts.

A quick click reveals scenarios not even imagined the comet Ison, Fema death camps along with a vast variety of other unlikely scenarios! Really how much should these kinds of speculated disaster factor into your preps? How do you know where to begin and what to believe anymore?

PreperationsIn the world of preparations having the ability to prioritize needs and wants is a vital life skill. This week on The Prepared Canadian  I’ll discuss vetting the information that your research has uncovered and how to prioritize your preparations, but I won’t stop there. Many preppers make the mistake of concentrating on storing up vast amounts of food, while putting off other issues like security and shelter. This sort of tunnel vision becomes a wolf in sheep’ clothing leaving you caught off guard and open to more problems than you ever thought possible.

Keep the wolves away by learning the 6 basic areas of preparedness and how to get started with a little of each, then how to go back and improve each of these areas in rotation, giving you the best chance to have a well-rounded plan that never stops improving and will never let you get caught with your pants down.
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