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Morning Myan, David Acton, the Myan calender and more!

Doug’s guest on this re-broadcast will be the Youtuber, known as “MorningMayan”  as well as being an accomplished prepper, she has also studied the Mayan culture extensively!  (Including the Mayan calendar).  This should be a very interesting show so again… Don’t miss it.  Prepping with GoatHollow airs every Wednesday at 8:00 pm Central Standard Time.…
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November 28, 2012 0

Will the Amish have a better chance?

Who will survive the end of the world as we Know it? Will the Amish have a better chance?  They certainly have a long history of living without all of the trappings of our “Modern Society”.  Join me on “Prepping With GoatHollow” wed night at 8:00 pm Central time, when my guest will be Youtube’s…
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November 21, 2012 1

Tips from Australia and New Zealand on gardening!

It’s 5:00 somewhere as the country music song goes!!!  It’s also Spring in Australia and New Zealand.  Join me, and my guest “Hamish121212″ from Youtube on “Prepping with GoatHollow“.  He’s planting his garden right now!  LOL.  He’ll talk about how the climate is different there, and dealing with that.  Give us a little hope for…
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November 14, 2012 0

Hurricane Sandy, A Resident Interview!

Were you prepared for Hurricane Sandy?  My guest on this airing on “Prepping With GoatHollow” this Wednesday will be “Ed from Pennsylvania”.  He’ll talk about how he prepared ahead of time, how those preparations helped him cope with the storm, and what lessons he learned.  Prepping isn’t only for the end of the world!  It…
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November 7, 2012 1

Donkeys and Elephants. Will you bother to vote?

Donkeys and Elephants on Prepping With Goat Hollow. Who will you Vote for this November? Will you bother to vote? On this week’s show, we’ll do some comparison shopping, between the Donkeys, and the Elephants vying for your vote. We’ll discuss where they’ve taken us, and what differences there really are. Listen in on this…
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October 31, 2012 0

Are you brainwashed?

Are you brainwashed?  Tonight on Prepping with GoatHollow, we’ll explore the origins of how everything you are subjected to in the media is designed to manipulate your emotions.  Everything you do, how you fell about the issues, and what you buy at the store, is based on how “They” make you feel about it.  It’s…
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October 24, 2012 0

Prepping and getting ready for colder weather.

Winter’s coming!!!  This week on Prepping with GoatHollow, we’ll talk about getting ready for colder weather.  How much fire wood do you have stored away, do you have a way to burn it?  is your chimney clean?  If SHTF happens in some horrible way between now and Christmas…. Would you be able to keep warm…
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October 17, 2012 0

Solar batch water heaters!

It’s years into an SHTF scenario.  Life is changed in ways that you could have never understood.  People are yearning for a taste, any small piece of the modern life that you miss so much, yet you’re able to take a hot shower!!!  Join me on “Prepping With GoatHollow” and my two guests “SSparks555″, and…
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October 10, 2012 0

Solar batch water heaters! A show gone bad!

Up-date: This episode of Prepping with GoatHollow has been rescheduled for next Wednesday 10/10/2012 8:00pm/Central! When it rains it can pour and tonight was no exception. Tonight’s episode posted below had to be canceled due to issues with Blogtalk radio. There is an old saying “It only happens Live”. Hopefully the guests of tonight’s show…
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October 3, 2012 0

Desperate times for Preppers?

“The Disturbance in the Force”  Join Prepping With GoatHollow this Wed at 8pm Central time, for a discussion on becoming desperate.  As “Preppers”, we seem to be getting more and more worried about the way things are going.  It seems like time is getting shorter, and it’s as if you can feel it in the…
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September 12, 2012 0

Goat Hollow on Drought!

Join GoatHollow in this episode of “Prepping With GoatHollow” for a discussion on the current drought.  What it means for Preppers, how to adjust your preps, and a few side effects that you might not have thought about! While topic did go off track a lot of good information was still passed with good participation…
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August 30, 2012 0

Prepping With GoatHollow and IronHead41

On this episode of Prepping With GoatHollow an encore visit from the one and only Ironhead41!!!!  He’s a master at “Prepping”, but doesn’t call himself one, because that’s just how he lives every day.  As always an interesting show so don’t miss this show of Prepping with GoatHollow in player below!!! Listen to internet radio…
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August 22, 2012 0

Engineer775, Prepping and “Doomsday Preppers”

Doug, the host of Prepping with GoatHollow has none other than Engineer 775 from Youtube as his guest. Not only a well rounded prepper but very knowledgeable in E.M.P. and protection from, but also on water and how to get it where you want it. Engineer 775 is also now a consultant on Dooms Day…
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May 9, 2012 0