Prepper Pride shines through in Triumph! Everyday people on to something big, really big, Monumental Even!

Earth in handsLynna 100It’s a Miracle!  It’s a Miracle! Quietly and without fanfare last Friday slipped away and the world rocked on.  Not such a miracle really but a testament to the lives we live and the incredible planet we inhabit.  While the following things are true; #1 the end of the year is drawing near; #2 we totally dodged the bullet on Friday the 21st, and #3 my prediction was upheld, we are all still here, BUT what now? What does it all mean for the Prepper World?  Do we stop, throw our hands up and collectively sigh….”geez not another Y2K?”  I’ve watched the media with considerable mirth and some concern as they try to decipher the intent of Preppers and to see if in fact we are just a bunch of paranoid neurotics or if by chance maybe just maybe, in one or two of their minds, that we are on to something big, very big, monumental even!  OBVIOUSLY, we are not paranoid neurotics. None of us threw our hands up berating ourselves that WE were duped into another Y2K scenario and are busily thinking about trying to unload any surplus we have. Any Prepper worth his/her salt knows that the world doesn’t have to physically end for a disaster to befall any of us at any time.  That living a life prepared is much more. 

newspapers-and-glasses-1341392353G4gThe fact is, if the media took a moment to really take an honest look, they would see what we KNOW, and that my Ultimate’s is the benefits of a Prepper life style are visible each and every day in the lives we lead.  

I have been most fortunate for the past nearly two years to host an internet radio show courtesy of American Prepper Radio powered by The shows focus since inception has been on you.  Earlier I referred to you as Ultimate’s, I love that word because you see I believe each and every one of you who shares the prepping life is an Ultimate Prep. You are the glue you are what makes’ preparing successful.  Without an Ultimate who is balanced in all areas of life from the physical to the emotional to the mental and spiritual, all the preps in the world would go for not. You must be prepared in all areas; fear and panic are the nemesis of Read more “Prepper Pride shines through in Triumph! Everyday people on to something big, really big, Monumental Even!”