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Prepper Folks, The fourth amendment, and more!

We had a great discussion last Saturday on “Prepper Folks” and we thank those who listened in, those who joined in the the Prepper Broadcasting chat and those who called in an joined the broadcast!  This Saturday we continued our discussion of privacy and surveillance.  We picked up where we left of discussing The fourth…
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August 11, 2012 0

You are being watched.

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re being watched?  Well, we’re here to tell you that it is not your imagination.  You are being watched. Join The Prepper Folks & Company this Saturday night for a round table discussion of surveillance.  We discussed just who is watching you and why.  We shared tips about…
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August 4, 2012 0

American Preppers Radio Special!

Could it be? The Homestead Honeys, Goat Hollow, Aj Prepper, Bexar Prepper, RedHorse_Ronin, Prepper Folks, The HillBilly Prepper Gals and all the other hosts from this network getting together for a single show? It’s looking that way. Visit us all in the player below and listen in to Tuesday’s show for what was a very…
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June 27, 2012 0

Preparing for the loss of electricity!

The Prepper Folks Hour was an hour of power with guest William.  William is an electrical engineer with 33 years experience in the electric power industry.  We talked about how to prepare for the loss of electricity.  We also discussed what can cause electrical outages, how some outages can be prevented and what you need…
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June 24, 2012 0

Prepper Folks, Planning Prepping

The Prepper Folks Hour with Host Christine and her special Guest Kimberly had their Printin’ & Preppin’ Party. Advising to bring your binder and paper for notes. Some very good tips, especially for beginner preppers including the task of gathering important information for your home organization, “The Prepper Folks Emergency Handbook” A great idea! Listen…
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June 16, 2012 0

Prepper Folks hits the airwaves!

The Prepper Folks are very excited to have the opportunity to welcome Ray Gano.  Ray is a lecturer,  blogger,  and the author of “Survive The Coming Storm” By Ray Gano . Ray lives a preparedness lifestyle.  Tonight we will be talking to him about how he is prepping and why he is prepping.  We will…
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June 9, 2012 0