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Preppers reply to post “The Lazy American on Unemployment Myth”

Following is one reply from North Idaho Patriot to original post by Wyodutch on American Preppers Network. The real problem is “Under Employment”. Anyone can get a job if they look hard enough and are resourceful, and are willing to even take jobs that they wouldn’t want to do, even if it’s for dirt pay.…
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August 24, 2011 0

The Waterman Files! Be Prepared, Be Aware

From the moment he closes out a show on this network Dr. Waterman’s new week begins. He is driven to find the facts, and information you will not see on the evening news or in your local newspaper. Spending countless hours throughout the week researching and studying his vast expanse of resources you can be…
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August 23, 2011 0

Can the Armchair Survivalist top last week?

Last week Kurt The Armchair Survivalist gave us an excellent show. Providing us with a lot of great prepping tips. He brought us good insight on whats in store for us and dug up a lot of audio clips relevant to our economy, government, and why to be aware and prepare. The man did his…
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August 22, 2011 0

National Preparedness Month by Lynna…A Preppers Path

As we begin the final two weeks of August 2011 stories already begin to surface with reference to 9/11/2001. A day that shocked a Nation changing perspecitves of national and personal safety. The entire world rocked and changed. In a few short weeks the 10th anniversary of that day will arrive. Our powers that be…
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Energy, frequency and living! The Other Side…A Preppers Path

Sunday: 8/21/2011 1:00pm/Central Energy, frequency and living!  Yes everything is energy, can we direct it, benefit from it prepare with it?  Answers to these questions and more when Amy Newbe joins us for an informative visit all about energy and how to raise your…Go to Listen and Chat tab above for more.

August 20, 2011 0

Back Woods & Jason Burgett “Wilderness Survival”

Jason Burgett is back. A couple of weeks ago on Back Woods we covered fire making and wild etibles in relation to trees among other things before we ran out of time. The man is a wealth of good off the land survival information and I got him back. This Friday Jason is going to…
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August 18, 2011 0

PBN Ranter and Brandon Smith “The Alternative Markett Project”

Tonight P.B.N. Prepper Broadcasting Network and ((( Ranters Radio ))) are excited to bring you Brandon Smith. Brandon is the founder and chief strategist behind the Alternative Market Project. His goal is to create a barter networking hub and educational…Go to Listen and Chat tab above for details.

August 17, 2011 2

2nd Annual International Peace and Freedom Music Festival!

Tonight: 6:00pm/Pacific, 7:00pm/Mountain, 8:00pm/Central, 9:00pm/Eastern “The 2nd Annual International Peace and Freedom Music Festival” No Bull just two solid hours of the greatest freedom, rally music you have ever heard, with a party in the chat room. Please join us, you will be glad you did. Tuesday 8/16/2011 8:00 pm/Central The Prepper Broadcasting Network http://prepperbroadcasting.com/…
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August 16, 2011 0

Whats in store for you Preppers this week!

Tonight, as always you can expect a great show from Dr. Waterman. “The 2nd Annual International Peace and Freedom Music Festival”. Two hours of great freedom, rally music with a party in the chat room. Please join us, you will be glad you did. Last night we had a great show from The Armchair Survivalist.…
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August 16, 2011 0

Balancing Prepping with Modern Day Investing?

Original post by Blstr88 on American Preppers Network This is probably my biggest issue right now. I’m 26 years old making a good living at the moment, but I am constantly torn with spending my money on prepping or investing the money in modern day investments. For example, I’m ready to buy a second property…
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August 16, 2011 0

Monday 8/15/2011 The Armchair Survivalist!

Monday: 8:00pm/Central He can help you stay safe, well fed and healthy. Kurt will help you handle nearly anything that does, or could, lower your ability to survive. If he doesn’t know the answer to…Go to Listen and Chat tab above for details.

August 15, 2011 0

Sunday: 8/14/2011 1:00pm/Central “Permaculture for the Prepper”

Permaculture for the Prepper, designing for sustainability. What is it, who can do it and why do it? Join Lynna as she dives into Permaculture with an expert. Richard Kuhnel a proponent and educator in the field of Permaculture will be on live to explain…Go to Listen and Chat tab above for details.

August 12, 2011 1

The Network, The Shows, and The listeners

The Prepper Broadcasting Network and all of our hosts involved, work hard to bring you new and fresh information to help you become better prepared and better aware with each broadcast.  Because of the diversity of our hosts you will find no two hosts or their show topics alike. Each of our hosts provide their…
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