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Alternative choices, Getting out of the box!

Alternative choices, Getting out of the box! Host: Lynna “A Preppers Path” There is always a choice in fact making choices is life, here’s the question “Are you choosing what’s best for you or going along with the crowd?” Because after all everyone else is doing it so it must be the thing to do.…
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February 9, 2014 0

American Exit Strategy!

American Exit Strategy Host: Dave Womach “The Gun Show” With the implementation of Executive Order 13603 giving Obama full dictatorial rights over all water, food, transportation, energy, construction, health resources, farm equipment, fertilizer, and fuel – the implications are radically dangerous. We all need an exit strategy. Join us Monday on The Gun Show when…
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January 13, 2014 0

Surviving through a Financial Collapse

Surviving through a Financial Collapse Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path” This week, Sam Coffman interviews Fernando Ferfal Aguirre, author of the highly acclaimed book, “Surviving the Economic Collapse.” Fernando lives in Buenos Aires and survived with his family through the sever financial collapse in Argentina near the turn of the millennia. During that time, citizens’…
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November 19, 2013 0

Life Changes! Be Ready!

Life changes! We all know the only thing that is constant is change. Are you ready for the changes that could come your way? Flood, fire, drought, hurricane, tornado, extreme cold, terrorist event, economic issues and more occur constantly, a fact proven over and over. Now is the time to prepare for the unexpected events…
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September 19, 2013 1

I’ve just got to have that Surreal News fix!

Doug, also know as GoatHollow by his YouTube fans has left myself and many others sidelined for the past several weeks wondering whats been going on in the world of  The Surreal News. While he’s been having fun doing interviews with people such as Larry and the inventor of the innovative “Self Watering Rain Gutter…
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September 4, 2013 0

In the Aftermath of a Disaster!

As individuals who make preparing a way of life through not only our mindset but physical actions the aftermath is in fact what we prepare for.  No matter the event, planned, natural or man-made it’s what comes, after, that we prepare for.  On this episode of The Other Side…A Preppers Path we have an open…
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July 21, 2013 0

From Doomsday Preppers Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom

Tonight Dave Womach meets up with Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom, to get a woman’s perspective on prepping. You’ve surely seen her on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, and now’s your chance to get up close and personal with her on air. Prepping as a woman is unique when it comes to firearms and training. Find…
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June 24, 2013 0

Google prepare, preparation or prepper and what do you get?

Have you noticed? While the term prepper might be getting a bit of a slap have you noticed what’s going on?  Take a look at Facebook and the posts appearing on so many walls, type “prepare, preparation or prepper” in your browser, how many hits are you getting.  YES it’s happening; the small grassroots ripple to…
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May 6, 2013 0

Is that a train you hear? Well, unless you live beside a railway line, it just may be a tornado!

One might think that preparing for tornadoes in Canada would be pretty low on the priority list.  After all, isn’t tornado alley in the US?  The number of tornadoes in Canada as well as the breadth of the danger zone may surprise you.  On this Episode of The Prepared Canadian I’ll give you a few…
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April 20, 2013 0

Secure the economic collapse, keep printing the money!

The money never stops printing. There are so many reasons to prepare. Just keep in mind as you piece together your worst case scenario the money is always printing. On the way to work, while you eat dinner and as the kids go off to school the next day, printing. Print money and gambling with…
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April 12, 2013 0

What you need to prepare before anything happens to you or a loved one.

It’s a dry subject and not what we like to talk about! Life and its stuff, we are talking about what you need to prepare before anything happens to you or a loved one. That’s right what should you have at your fingertips in the event  you or your significant becomes incapacitated or even die …
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March 10, 2013 0

Herbalist Susun Weed returns to The Other Side of a Preppers Path!

As we prepare we often think of the scenario where the end of the world as we know it is the norm, meaning that all we take for granted now is no more. But preparing for life isn’t just about the future catastrophe it’s about right now, today right this minute.  Finances are an issue…
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February 24, 2013 0

“What if?” only two small words, but with enormous consequences.

What If?  A question that is often asked in our lives  ”What if?” is the catalyst for why many people choose to prepare for hard times, purchase insurance on their homes, cars and lives and is the reason for why so many of us are grateful that things are not worse! The question of “What…
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February 21, 2013 0