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6 Critical Mistakes When Collecting Rainwater!

6 Critical Mistakes When Collecting Rainwater!

Rainwater is safe. Rainwater is free. Rainwater needs to be harvested.

Collecting Rainwater rainwater-harvestingUnless you leave near a nuclear plant or in a highly polluted region, you shouldn’t shy away from collecting and stockpiling as much rainwater as possible. Although it’s a little acidic, so are many of the foods we eat. And if you side-step the mistakes I’m about to tell you, you’re gonna have an unlimited supply of water to drink, do the laundry, to shower, to give to your pets and so on, a steady supply that will keep on coming post-collapse and, if you’re smart, you could even sell or barter with some of it.

So let’s go ahead and see these mistakes in Collecting Rainwater! Continue reading 6 Critical Mistakes When Collecting Rainwater!