Police militarization, the dangers!

Police militarization, the dangers!
Host: I Am Liberty

PoliceTo me there are few things more demeaning than the idea of a military presence in this country. The country that ousted its foreign oppressor and declared its independence on a new land. No matter how you feel about those early days of the country and the men involved with it I have great pride in America’s inception.

This is why I am deeply moved by this overwhelming militarization of the police in our country. There are numerous instances in which overwhelming force is being used in efforts against American citizens. I have heard stories about S.W.A.T team style raids on bars and fund raiser poker games.

Lets not forget in order to hold on to a budget for such insane resources and processes our police force must meet their quota. Not that bad when we are talking about parking tickets or seat belt offenses but when we are talking about breaking doors off hinges and holding American citizens at gun point, well, thats another story.

Here is an excerpt from a article by Radley Balko titled Read more “Police militarization, the dangers!”