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Collapse-Resilient Health Care Plan!

Collapse-Resilient Health Care Plan!
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Collapse TincturesModern medicine has some truly wondrous, life-saving procedures and medicines. It excels in it’s diagnostics techniques and heroic interventions. However, does the US really have a health care system? I say, emphatically, “no”.

3-15 Preparations2Much of what we have is a “sick care” system, with a heavy dependence upon maintenance medications that do little more than maintain the current state of illness in an individual. People are then expected to take this or that pharmaceutical indefinitely, just masking the problem, and not solving the problem. If the condition worsens, the solution is to cut something, zap something, or chemically saturate something. Continue reading Collapse-Resilient Health Care Plan!


Modern Day Robin Hood Providing Medical Cannabis Oil To Help Heal Cancer! part 2

Hemp oil 400x300Rick Simpson, a modern day “Robin Hood” in the fight against Cancer using the Medical Cannabis/Hemp plant’s essential oil, joins Sheri “The Organic Pet Lady” on Pet Prep Radio Show for another great hour this week!
Everyone who considers using cannabis/hemp extracts as medicine should listen to this series of shows in which he shares his story of healing and incredible stories of people with Cancer, Pets with Cancer and other seriously ill recipients of this oil that were healed as a result. We discuss many issues that surround the legality of the oil, the pharmaceutical industry and how it relates to you and your pets! This show is number 2 in a 3 part series.
Rick is the “star” of the YouTube Documentary, “Run from the Cure”, and Author of the e-book “Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson Oil, Nature’s Answer For Cancer”, which is a summary of information that is currently available about the use of cannabis/hemp oil as medicine. It includes detailed information about how to produce and use the Rick Simpson Oil in the treatment of practically all illnesses.
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