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PAUL GAUTSCHI 51I6hzCDZrLIt’s been a week since I posted about tonight’s live show with the return of our host Katzcradul and her guests the producers of Back to Eden and special guest Paul Gautschi. The response across the internet has been overwhelming.

Almost everyone is familiar with Back to Eden the documentary/movie. The ultimate guide to simple, sustainable, solutions. If you’re not here’s your chance.

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June 24th Katzcradul the Producers of BACK TO EDEN & PAUL GAUTSCHI!

June 24th Katzcradul Returns with: Producers of BACK TO EDEN and PAUL GAUTSCHI!

Host: “Katzcradul”

BACK TO EDEN 3f3ad6d8-b9c6-46f7-8c77-9c52539d3b21Katzcradul is back! You’ll remember Katz, formerly of The Homestead Honey Hour. She’s returning for a very special interview. Former guests on The Homestead Honey Hour, Dana Richardson & Sarah Zentz, producers of the award winning documentary Back to Eden (2011), which tells the story of Paul Gautschi’s lifelong pursuit of growing food using simple, productive, and sustainable methods, will be her guests.

Back to Eden Film has sparked a movement. The Back to Eden method is a no-till, 90% no irrigation, no chemical fertilizers, no chemical pesticides, completely organic growing system that is capable Continue reading June 24th Katzcradul the Producers of BACK TO EDEN & PAUL GAUTSCHI!


Goshen, reveals how to establish healthy, sustainable community, despite global disease and famine.

homestead honey 150What would you be willing to do to prove a point?  Would you be willing to take off your shoes, and go barefoot for as long as it takes to achieve your goal?

Dana Richardson and Sarah Zentz, probably best known for their work as a production team on the Back to Eden movie with Paul Gautschi, have teamed up again to create Goshen, a documentary film which explores communities in diverse regions of the world living with remarkable health and life-sustaining provisions. Goshen reveals how to establish healthy, sustainable communities which can survive, even thrive, despite global increases in disease and famine.

These two have decided, as a way to raise funds for the production of Goshen, to take off their shoes and go barefoot for the sake of donations, until they meet their goal of $12,000.

Join Katzcradu, when her guest, on The Homestead Honey Hour, will be these two movie makers extraordinaire.  They’ll discuss how the success of Back to Eden led them to make Goshen.

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