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Stockpile Your Bug Out Location?

Stockpile Your Bug Out Location?
Dan F. Sullivan

Stockpile Your Bug Out Location WinterCabinFor some reason, not a lot of people talk about this very important yet crucial aspect of prepping. Everyone’s got food and water in their pantry, in their bug out bags but no one seems to care whether or not they have any preps at their bug out location.

Is it because they don’t need them? Is it because their BOLs are self-sufficient and don’t need cans of tuna and wheat berries when they can just hunt and dig wells? No and no. I believe this to be yet another overlooked aspect of prepping Continue reading Stockpile Your Bug Out Location?

Natural pest control

Natural pest control, staying healthy!
Lynna “A Preppers Path”

Natural pest controlMice and ants and weevils OH MY! No it’s not the old lions and tigers and bears oh my! We aren’t in OZ anymore but right here in our own home, the pantry and more. Summer weather is arriving nearly everywhere in the Western Hemisphere and with it thoughts of gardening, recreation and more. You may have the spring cleaning complete or are just starting it ,but have you looked at your pantry? By pantry I mean both short term and long term for those of you who keep a good supply on hand. Continue reading Natural pest control

Gardening and Food Preservation Strategies for Hard times!

For much of the country, it’s the END of gardening and canning season. And many of us are ready for a break from the endless gardening, (watering!) harvesting, and preserving we’ve been doing these last few months. But it’s never too early to start thinking about, and planning next year’s harvest. I have a few ideas to share with you on how to better face the future challenges coming our way in regards to continuing to produce quality, healthy nutritionally sound food for our families. We are all going to have to become more efficient with, and better stewards of, our resources as the perfect storm of weather, rising food prices, and economic “stresses” loom ahead.

So join me, Renée (aka Michigansnowpony) and my co-host Katzkradul this Thursday night, October 25th on the “Homestead Honey Hour” as we talk about not only streamlining our gardens for optimal results and nutrition, but also introduce to you the idea of “rotational canning” (and dehydrating) to help fill your pantry without the stress of trying to get it ALL done every year.

Whether you garden in the ‘burbs, on a country homestead, or get your produce from the local farmers’ markets to can and preserve, tune in and together, we can help make next season even more “fruitful”!
Related video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml9u4AgNVSA
Have some fun and listen to this show in player below!

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Preparing For Life’s Storms on American Preppers Radio!

Join us open mic Tuesday on Preparing for Life’s Storms. So what’s the best and least expensive way to stock your food storage pantry? Want to know that what you’re feeding your family is nutritious and not full of chemicals? “CANNING”! BexarPrepper has over 30 years canning experience and she will answer your questions about water bath and pressure canning. Once you begin canning you’ll never want to stop and your pantry will grow. Whether you’ve been canning a long time or are just beginning,  Listen to this show in player below for a fun filled experience.

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Gardening and the Farmers Market!

You say it is already mid-year 2012! Seems only yesterday we were turning the soil over and getting ready to plant! Now we are already into the harvest. Join The Other Side as we move to a new date and time and let you in on Keeping up with the Jones’s no no wait not the Jones’s the GARDEN Keeping up with the Garden and the Pantry. Listen to this show as we will check behind the garden gate and see whats happening there and in the pantry as well as swing by the Farmers Market. Listen in player below!

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