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MAGS: Mutual Assistance Groups!

Mutual Assistance Groups!
Host: Tara “Common Sense Prepping”

MAGSCharley Hogwood of P.R.E.P. (Personal Readiness Education Programs) is the featured guest on the next episode of Tara and Common Sense Prepping. Hogwood’s preparedness and tactical training related resume is lengthy, to say the least. In addition to offering extensive and personally detailed survival training courses at his Florida location, he always travels to work directly with his clients.

P.R.E.P. is preparing to launch online (and DVD) training courses to offer their vast array of instructional classes to even more folks. During the Common Sense Prepping radio show, Charley also talks extensively about his recently published book, MAGS – The People Part of Prepping. Hogwood’s book takes readers on a journey to a heightened level of preparedness by examining in great detail the inevitable personality clashes, difficult emotional decision making process, and resource competitiveness which will surely occur during a long-term disaster scenario.

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