A Magic Journey

A Magic Journey:
By: E.L. Jacobs
JourneyA Magic Journey: When I was a small boy I made a journey in a covered wagon, going with my parents from their homestead in Oklahoma Territory to the part of Kansas they had come from, and back again to the homestead. This was not one of those painful and heroic passages through wild-Indian country, across deserts where men died of thirst, over mountain passes where oxen were skinned for rawhide so that dismantled wagons could be lowered down the sheer faces of cliffs: there are no heroics in my saga. Yet I have never, I think, taken a more romantic or exciting trip. As I look back on the long ride in a vehicle now vanished, but then to be seen (in Oklahoma at least) in fair numbers, I remember many things that have stayed with me for the same reasons that would have kept stout  Cortez from forgetting what he saw from a peak in Darien. Read more “A Magic Journey”