Off Grid Living!

Off Grid Living
Romance vs Reality
Contributed by Dakota

Off Grid LivingOff grid living implies that it’s all about no power, but that is the smallest factor to those of us that live this lifestyle. It’s a choice to live simpler, live among nature, consume less, appreciate time, and have quality time. No more tread mill, making due and living within financial means, feeling as free as possible in this hectic world. Now if you have tons of money then off grid may simply mean you substituted solar for electric power and still have the modern world at your fingertips. The reality to off grid living is perseverance, ingenuity, tenacity, and self-motivation as well self-reliance. Read more “Off Grid Living!”


Tiny House and Compost Toilet, what do they have in common?

Bexar 2-26 grass-roof-home-NorwayBexar 2-26-600x450Off Grid Living! on “Preparing For Life’s Storms” with BexarPrepper So are you dreaming of being off grid well HWhit is just about ready to be totally off grid! Let’s hear about the decisions he made and the logic behind them. At some point we may all be off grid and learning lessons can come from anywhere not just the ones you make yourself. So if you’ve ever thought about cutting the ties, come learn what it takes to get there. So join us Tuesday February 26th as HWhit shares his journey with us as he makes the final leap into the unknown.

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Off Grid Preppers on American Preppers Radio!

The premier of our newest program “Off Grid Preppers” on American Preppers Radio Tuesday at 6:00pm Central is sure to be a hit with the quality of information and the experience these two new hosts bring to the table. On our launch show of Off Grid Preppers, Big John Lipscomb will describe moving from the city to rural Montana and share with the audience the fun and the hardships of living the sovereign lifestyle. Barbara will share off-grid living in North Idaho and how she prepped for 23 family members on a punishing budget. Together, Big John & Barbara will discuss a take-no-prisoners approach to successful, budget-friendly prepping. Listen to this show in player below!

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