Feeding your soil for a successful garden!

Fertilizer442x442Feeding your soil is the most important aspect of successful gardening.  Chemical fertilizers are not only an unnatural way of boosting nutrients, but also a very temporary solution, as nutrients are often quickly lost.  Compost, also know and gardeners’ black gold, will not only help add nutrients to your soil, but also help retain them as well as moisture, air, and beneficial organisms.

This week on The Prepared Canadian, we will celebrate International Compost Awareness Week, by discussing what is rotten in the state of your garden.  We will Canada 125look at the benefits of compost as a soil amendment, talk about building a compost bin, how to build your pile, and the various uses for compost.  From top dressing to brewing compost tea, as many aspects of composting as I can fit into a show will be on the docket, along with two, no effort ways to get compost that I have found, quite by accident.

Tune in to find out the whys, how’s, and what’s of composting your organic waste into gardeners’ black gold!
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Preppers and Bread! All kinds of bread.

I LIKE BREAD! I make my own bread so take special interest in this upcoming show. If you like bread as much as I, here’s your heads up!

This week, Thursday 8:00pm/Ct. on “The Homestead Honey Hour” Noreen is at the mike and will be joined by Honey, Katzcradul.  The topic of the week?  BREAD!  Naan, Chipati, Pita, Tortilla, Lavash, Taboon, Injera, Oatcakes, Johnnycakes, Pancakes and traditional daily loaves, are all bread.  Bread spans culture and tradition.  It is the one food source that is on every table in every culture, every single day.  A staple the world around that has evolved to supply humans with necessary nutrients from the beginning of time.  Bread plays an important role in our lives from sustenance to spirituality.  Did you know that the earliest archeological evidence of flour was found to be over 30,000 years ago?  Flour = Bread and the rest is history!  Please join us for what will certainly be a fun filled and fact filled show about one of the most popular foods on the planet!  Bread!  Afterall, you can’t have a peanut butter sandwich without it!